Welcome to
the Powerseller Portal!

Welcome to the Paperclip Powersellers Portal. Below you will find all the information you need in order to become a Powerseller here at Paperclip. Download our app below and start selling!

Benefits of becoming a Paperclip Powerseller

1.) Sign up and add 50 items to receive a £25 Paperclip credit. This can be spent on anything on the Paperclip marketplace. Add another 50 items for another £25 credit. We will send your unique code via email.

2.) Get 100% of commission refunded on any items sold during your first month with us

3.) Free item ‘boosts’ – we will add two of your items to the ‘Featured Items’ section of our homepage, completely free of charge

4.) Paperclip Powerseller profile badge (coming Autumn 2021)

Paperclip Powerseller rules

In order to qualify for our cash incentive, please remember:

1.) Only add genuine items at a reasonable price

2.) Do not add duplicates of the same item (this includes varying colours/sizes of the same item)

3.) Only use photos you have taken yourself. Any stock images or images taken from other sites will result in the item being permanently deleted. The same applied for blurry or incomplete images.

4.) Do not add any items that are not allowed on the marketplace: https://hub.paperclip.co/terms

5.) Add a brief description for each item you add

6.) Make sure all items are available for online payment and delivery

If you need any help as to whether or not your item is allowed on our marketplace, you can just drop us a message at: info@paperclip.co

Referring a friend

Do you have a friend who might be interested in becoming a Paperclip Powerseller?

If so, ask them to send us an email with their name, email and your name. We will get in touch with them within 2 working days to see if they qualify.

If they do qualify, they can take advantage of all the Powerseller benefits and we will send you a £5 referral bonus once they add their first 50 items to the marketplace.

How payments work

A quick overview of our payment process:

1.) You (the seller) list an item for sale

2.) A buyer purchases your item

3.) You arrange for delivery of the item and mark the item as ‘dispatched’

4.) Once the item arrives at its destination, the buyer marks the item as ‘received’

5.) As soon as the above is done, you will have the funds available in your Paperclip wallet and you can withdraw them to your bank account instantly and without any processing fees

6.) From there, both the seller and buyer can choose to leave a review about the transaction

N.B: if the buyer forgets to mark the item as ‘received’ you will receive the funds in your account anyway once 7 days has passed. For more information about our payments process, head to our Support page

Join our Brand Ambassador programme

We are always looking for enthusiastic Brand Ambassadors to join our growing team.

We have both paid and unpaid roles where you can gain real experience in everything from marketing, purchasing and business administration.

If you would like to get involved, or to find out more information about the programme, check out our Jobs page here